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 Winter Fun in the Ouray Town Parks  

Winter Activities in Ouray's Town Parks

Well known for the soothing waters of the popular Ouray Hot Springs Pool and the internationally acclaimed Ouray Ice Climbing Park, Ouray is a favorite destination for winter time activity and pleasure. In addition to ice climbing and soaking there are many other winter activities to enjoy in the Ouray parks, as well. Please click on one of the links below to learn more about winter fun in the Ouray town parks. Most of these can be enjoyed at very little or no cost.

The Hot Springs Pool is a peaceful and steamy hot
place to enjoy the San Juan Mountains on a snowy day.

Here are some other amenities within the City of Ouray park system.


click here for more about Lee's Ski Hill in Ouray     click here for more about Ice Skating in Ouray

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